Research Production Software that Fits Your Business

Blue Curve is a complete software solution for producers of financial research and complex financial documents. 

Blue Curve's modular system makes it simple to build the system that suits you.  Choose just the bits you need and configure them to match or improve the way your business works.

Whether you're large or small, sell-side or buy-side, Blue Curve provides a cost-effective and robust solution to all your research production needs.


Professional Content Every Time

Blue Curve makes it easy to produce professional research documents every time.  Let your Analysts use familiar Microsoft Office tools and let Blue Curve take care of everything else.

But you don't just get documents - you get a robust and extensive content database using Blue Curve's unique component architecture.  This makes it easy to reuse the content and to generate professional emails and websites from one central, consistent system.

Advanced Data Management Tools

The core of any good research production system is it's financial database.

Collate and manage analyst estimates, historic result data, prices, fundamentals and more in one flexible database.  Aggregate data, automate calculations and build reports to make the best use of your most valuable research resource.  

Find out why this large investment manager trusted Blue Curve to provide it's research database. 


Controlled Distribution, Compliance Monitoring and Automated Workflow

Blue Curve provides all the functions you need to speed up your workflow, reduce compliance risks and make sure your customers get the research they want.  Click here to take the full Tour.

Evaluate, Install, Configure

We're confident you'll find Blue Curve more than meets your needs.  That's why we offer a no-obligation evaluation process. We'll work with you to configure your data and some sample templates so you can experience the power of Blue Curve for real. 

And once you decide to install Blue Curve, our experienced operations team will install and configure the software to your exact requirements, quickly and efficiently.  Once you're up and running, we'll be there when needed to provide support, training and advice to make sure you continue to get the most from Blue Curve. 

But don't just take our word, read our Customer Success stories to see how many other firms are already benefiting from using Blue Curve.