Blue Curve is a software platform used by firms who produce and distribute financial research.  Based on proven technologies, Blue Curve seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, whilst providing a robust Microsoft server platform to effectively manage your research business.  It's inbuilt flexibility allows the software to be configured to meet your business needs, whilst meeting regulatory compliance demands, and the ever changing demands of your customers.  Research produced and managed in Blue Curve is easily distributed using on-line, third-party and mobile channels in a controlled manner consistent with the latest regulations.   Firms using Blue Curve see improved productivity, reduced manual effort and greater value from their research business investment.  


Blue Curve Insight

Insight is a fully configurable database that stores and manages all the data you need to support your research production process.  Historical results, earnings forecasts, prices, fundamentals, consensus and more.

Insight's flexibility makes it simple for Analyst's and ensures your business collects the correct data every time, whether they're talking Mining, Financials or Retailers. 

  • Insight integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel for both data input and extraction.  For Analyst's, its simple to connect your existing company models and submit the data to the Blue Curve database using the Data Submission tools.  
  • Insight can also validate the data before it's submitted to avoid those nasty mistakes.  And, to be doubly safe, it also provides workflow to give you a scratchpad area to carry out scenarios before you publish the data.
  • Insight's tools for Excel also provide you with comprehensive data extraction, a formatted chart generator, external data refresh and file management capability.


  • Insight's tools for Excel provide a range of data extraction options.  
  • Using Functions, you can connect to the database and extract specific data points straight into Excel.  Integrate Blue Curve data into your existing worksheets, or build and format new sheets for data analysis, aggregation or reporting.
  • For more formal reports, use the Blue Curve Data Extraction Tool.  Build extracts on the fly or run one you built earlier.  Select the universe, focus, data items, filter criteria and display the results in Excel.
  • For the most detailed and complex reports, use the API to build and distribute pre-defined extracts that make it simple for Users to use the full range of Insight data.

Consistent Data

If you've ever faced problems with maintaining large numbers of Excel files and data feeds, then you'll love Insight's management features.  Such as automatic data uploads, consistent data definitions, validation control and centralised calculations.

Blue Curve integrates with most data feeds from Reuters, Bloomberg, Factset and others for price and market data.  Most customers elect to load closing prices overnight, and each data load automatically updates calculated values.

The Calculation Engine makes sure that calculated data for a specific Industry is consistent each time any input is updated, not just prices.  Automatically calculate year-on-year comparables, sector v sector comparables and much, much more.  

In fact with Blue Curve's Calculation Engine you get up-to-date, consistent data without having to rely on analyst input, which not only saves time and money but ensures that you customer gets a much better service.


Blue Curve Create

  • Blue Curve's Create functions are all available from an integrated toolbar in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.
  • Choose a template and start writing your research document, with the knowledge that the design will look great, all standard data will be consistent and your regulatory statements will be up to date.
  • Use Blue Curve's data integration tools to ensure your standard data tables and charts are up to date and consistent with the Insight database.  You can modify the component settings at any time and even insert additional standard data tables and charts as you write.  They're all connected to the Blue Curve database, and can be quickly refreshed as data changes during the editing cycle.  Never publish incorrect data ever again.  


  • Use the Productivity Tools to create adhoc charts and tables from your own data.  Blue Curve will ensure they're in the correct style, taking care of fonts, colors and layout.
  • Use the Blue Curve formatting tools for corporate styles, color schemes, page layouts, side comments and landscape pages.  In fact, Blue Curve Create helps you get your document to a professional finished state with minimal effort, leaving you more time to focus on the content.
  • And, of course, you can still use the full extent of the functionality available in Microsoft Office, all of which makes Blue Curve Create an incredibly powerful research editing environment.

Produce professional content simply & quickly

Blue Curve Create ensures that every piece of research you produce looks professional and is effective in getting your message across to your client.  Every document looks like part of the same family, has consistent data and projects your corporate brand perfectly. 

As well as producing individual documents, Create also includes functionality to quickly build and publish those more complex composite reports.  When several authors are working on those Morning Notes, Industry Reports, Market Reports and Estimate Books, things can quickly get out of control.  With Blue Curve Create, each author can work on their sections and the final report brought together at the last minute, quite often automatically. 

And, thanks to Blue Curve, each document ties in with emails, websites and third-party systems.  Professional image is everything. 


Easy to Use

With Blue Curve Create there's no need to learn something new.  We use Microsoft Word (and PowerPoint), just like you do today. 

Create a new document, edit existing documents and save them to Blue Curve whether you're on-line or off-line.   

Blue Curve ensures you have the latest template, the latest data and the most functional editing tool so you can concentrate on writing the content. 

Templates you control

Of course, producing professional looking templates is nothing new.  But it's the way they're managed in Blue Curve that changes everything.  No more bloated document files; No more update headaches; and No more version control problems. 

Blue Curve documents are built dynamically from template and data definitions held centrally - every time you create a document.  That means the template is always the latest one, the layouts are always correct and the data is always up to date.

Not only that, but Blue Curve templates use Blue Curve Components, a unique method of breaking down document content into standard elements.  Components are shared across documents, which makes them much more efficient and simpler to manage.  Update the layout or content of a standard table and it changes in every template that uses that table - automatically and straight away. 

Easily build new templates, add new document types and change template designs - without programming or expensive consulting.