Authoring Tools that Work the way You do.

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Blue Curve Create is a powerful environment for authoring complex research documents.  Harnessing the power of Microsoft Word and Powerpoint within the Blue Curve environment means that Create is both intuitive and incredibly functional.

Analysts love to use Create because it simply extends the full functionality that they currently enjoy with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.  No new authoring tools to learn and no restrictive "Word like" interfaces.  

Management love Create for it's time-saving features and design consistency.  Standard templates, a range of productivity tools and extensive data integration functions mean that Analysts can focus on writing content safe in the knowledge that the document will look good and be consistent.  And Blue Curve's component architecture means that all Analyst content can be easily broken down and re-used across different documents, emails and websites.  More value for the same input - Management love that! 

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Workflow Management and Automation that Speeds up Production

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There's a lot of processing in any research department to get documents to a published state and on to your client's desktop.  Blue Curve Process speeds up production through extensive automation and effective communication.

Editors and production staff save huge amounts of time by having everything in one place and having software do the repetitive, manual jobs.  This leaves them with so much more time to add value through effective editing and coordination.

Management love the fact that everything in Process is audited.  Versions of documents are retained automatically and the automated software events ensure that data and disclosures are always up to date.   Process gets your content out the door faster and reduces your operational risk.

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A Single Distribution Hub for Improved Customer Service

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Analysts want to get their research out quickly.  Customers want to get research in a format that suits them.  And Management want to have full control over distribution and ensure they're getting value for money.  Blue Curve Reach satisfies all these needs.

As a single distribution hub, Reach transforms content into many distribution formats, generates distribution lists based on customer preferences, transmits research to customers and retains a full distribution history.  By centralising distribution you have full control and a detailed database of all distribution activity for reference and further analysis. 

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Extensive & Dynamic Research Portal

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Blue Curve provides a robust and flexible platform for all your published research documents, content and data.  The Blue Curve Web Portal and Blue Curve API provide a simple, yet effective, way of providing your customers with access to that content.

The standard Web Portal provides an online research library, published estimates database plus navigation, search and security.  But if you prefer to integrate published research into your existing website simply use the Blue Curve API to provide real-time, dynamic access.  And with mobile options and HTML5 interactivity you can provide your customers with the best online research experience available.

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Advanced Financial Data Management across your Entire Universe.

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Blue Curve Insight is a powerful, flexible database that stores all your historic and forecast data for your research coverage universe.

Once that data's in one place, and effectively managed, it's so much easier to analyse, produce consistent content and get your views across to your customers. 

Analysts love Insight for it's ease of use, safe storage of their forecasts and advanced reporting tools that make it easy to aggregate, interrogate and analyse scenarios.  

Management love Insight for it's centralised corporate data store, extensive audit trails and automated data collection.  By using Insight's Web Portal interface, Customer's can also access the forecast data in a controlled way, and without having to send them the entire Analyst model.

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Automated Compliance Checking & Disclosure Generation

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If you're a sell-side firm publishing objective research then making sure your published documents conform to the current regulations, and have the correct disclosures in them, can be time consuming.  Blue Curve Comply reduces the risk of non-compliant research and incorrect disclosures by automating the process.   

By reducing the manual effort, Blue Curve dramatically speeds up the process, whilst reducing the risk of error and inconsistency.  Not only that, Blue Curve also retains a full audit trail of all research data required for compliance.

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