Your Dynamic Research Portal, OnLine & Mobile

Fully configurable Web Portal, API and Dynamic Content Display

Web Portal to Published Content and Data

Online Access to All Your Research Content

Blue Curve's Web Portal provides you with an off-the-shelf web interface to all your published research content.  Your customers can access your documents, but also get access to all your financial data held in Blue Curve Insight.

Blue Curve's web interface is dynamic, providing real-time access to the Blue Curve database, ensuring that your latest content is always available, as soon as it's published.


Research Library

Instant Access to Published Documents

Blue Curve's on-line research library allows your customers to search for documents, or navigate by Company, Sector, Analyst and more. Using Blue Curve's unique component architecture, each document can be displayed as HTML and downloaded as PDF.




Financial Data Library

Publish Your Estimates Data

Thanks to Blue Curve Insight, it's now possible to make all your published financial forecasts available to your customers without sending them the analyst model.  The Blue Curve Web Portal displays the financial data in the format you define, but also makes it possible for a customer to download that data into Excel so that can use it in their own analysis.  You can also display the forecast history to show how your estimates have changed over time.



Web Portal for Mobile

Easy Access on Tablets and Phones

The Blue Curve Web Portal also has specific formats for tablets and phones to make sure that your research content is displayed in the best possible way. 

EFGCompany-Latest Report Page.png

Blue Curve Web API

Build Blue Curve into Your Own Web Portal

For some customers the Blue Curve Web Portal might not suit their needs.  That's why we also provide an API to allow our customers to build Blue Curve functionality straight into their own websites.

Get direct, dynamic access to published documents and data from the Blue Curve database.  Combine with your own web content and web architecture to produce a corporate web portal with top quality research content built in.

Just another example of Blue Curve's inherent flexibility.