Controlled Distribution with Blue Curve Reach

CRM Integration, Email Distribution, Third-Party Integration, Audit Trails and Reporting

Distribution Manager

Distribute to All Channels from a Single Point

Blue Curve Reach allows you to distribute your published content to multiple distribution channels from a single point.  Reach handles both email and file transfer distributions, ensuring that you release your content to all parties simultaneously.  You can easily manage where each document goes, and Reach also records a consistent and accurate record of each distribution.

Sophisticated Email Distribution

Email, the way Your Customers Want It

The email management module in Reach produces email content in multiple formats, and can also generate targeted distribution lists and take care of the physical email transfer.

Sparebank Email.png

Firstly, Reach's email templates allow you to create multiple formats for email distribution: text, HTML, multiple sizes etc.  And Blue Curve's unique component architecture means that you can put as much or as little of the document content as you wish directly into the email, automatically, each time a document is published.  Specify whether you want to attach the file, or simply specify a link to the file on the Blue Curve Web Portal.  And for ultimate flexibility, you can even allows your customers to specify their preferred formats - now how's that for customer service?

Secondly, Reach can integrate with your CRM system and generate targeted distribution lists based on customer preferences.  This means each customer just gets the research they want.  Nothing more and nothing less.  And by offering such a granular and flexible service, they're more likely to value your research service over other suppliers.

Finally, Reach can physically send the email as well.  It automatically records each distribution to each individual email address, and can track readership when combined with the Blue Curve Web Portal.

3rd Party Vendor Connections

Automatically Send Content to 3rd Party Systems

Once your research is published you want to get it to Bloomberg, Thomson, Factset and others as quickly as possible and with the minimum effort.  Reach takes care of file distribution to these systems, and many more, completely automatically.

We work with all popular research libraries, and Reach ensures that the correct meta-data files, with the correct codes are sent with each distribution.  You can even send "Update" and "Delete" instructions direct from Reach, avoiding the hassle of dealing with each target system individually.  And of course, each distribution is recorded in Reach ensuring you have a complete audit trail for document you publish.