Fast, Efficient and Robust Production with Blue Curve Process

Centralised Workflow, Extensive Automation, Auditing, Security and Control

Flexible Workflow Processing

You're In Total Control

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We fully understand the complexity of getting a research document out the door.  That's why Blue Curve Process has a flexible workflow engine that is tailored to your process, for each type of document you produce.  Get Morning Notes out quickly, but take more time over those lengthy Industry and Market reports.  At each stage you can control who does what; control what happens next; and automate tedious tasks.  Every document gets processed the way you want, quickly, accurately and efficiently.  Less work for you and faster productions times. 

Workflow Automation

Reduce Manual Effort & Production Time

Blue Curve Process has a built in Event Manager that automates many common tasks during the production cycle.  The standard set includes many document update events, such as inserting Disclosure Data automatically, or updating all the data tables and charts.  The software will also automatically alert users when they need to do something, and will automatically convert the documents to the correct formats for storage and distribution.  The standard set of Events is extensive, but the flexibility of Blue Curve allows custom events to be simply and quickly added at your request.

Each Event is triggered according to you criteria, and is easily configured in the administration interface.  You can trigger Events on a stage transition, control the order of events and specify what happens next based on the outcome of each Event.  Using Events to do the work for you saves a huge amount of time, gets rid of those tedious jobs and, most importantly gets each document published much quicker.

Multi-User Support & Team Working

Communicate & Collaborate

Blue Curve Process is focussed on getting documents published quickly.  But as well as automation, that also means making sure that teams can work together in a more efficient way.  That's why Process contains many team working features to help you communicate and collaborate.


The inbuilt teams and security model allows you to define which Users can work on which documents and what they can do at each stage in the process.  That means they don't get distracted with irrelevant documents, and you can be sure that any in-house chinese walls and restrictions are maintained. 

Once the initial Draft has been submitted to Blue Curve, Process enforces "Check In" and "Check Out" to ensure that all document editing is controlled.  Once a User has finished their work, Process alerts the next User in the process.  Users can leave comments for others, and the comment history is easily reviewed along with each document.  Users can also attach supporting documents for use by others, such as spreadsheets and graphics.  With everything in one place, Process is much more efficient than the usual file-stores and emails.

Automated Version Control & Audit Trails

Safe, Robust and Transparent


Process has a robust system design that minimises the impact of anything going wrong.  For example, how many times has a document become corrupt during your current editing process, and you've got no backup?  With Process, it's simple to revert to the previous version and carry on with minimal loss of work.  In fact, Process can keep a copy of the document at each stage in the process, not only allowing you to revert to any previous version, but to also see how a document was changed during the editing cycle.


And Process also stores an Audit Trail of all changes to the document during it's life.  You can quickly see who's worked on the document, which Events have been carried out and how long the document has been at each production stage.  Very useful for production analysis and regulatory compliance.